impossible is just a word people use

so they don't feel bad when they give up

Tough McManlypants
23 September 1988
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i want to be the very best

Live long, laugh much, and catch 'em all. That would sum this guy up in a nutshell (emphasis on "nut", as he's been referred to as one on numerous occasions!), if any nutshell could really encompass the entirety of his being. Confused yet? The exit's three doors on the right. Still with me? Then you have been deemed worthy. This journal (should you choose to enter) contains the various stories, mishaps, trials and tribulations of a young man living in NY with a hard-on for Pokemon. If you ask him a silly question, expect a silly answer. If you ask him a serious question, expect an even sillier answer (with a one-in-three chance of being followed by a legitimate answer).

Things he likes besides Pokemon include Pokemon (Hitmonchan is a badass mofo), anime (with a special soft spot for Full Metal Panic!), video games (with a special soft spot for pretty much all of them), naps, leftover Chinese food, Boston Legal, the mother of all his children and gallons and gallons of soda. Dislikes? That's quite a hefty list, but the highlights include annoying customers (did I mention he works at a supermarket?), anything early in the morning, Tik Tok, and being told he looks like Harry Potter. Which he most certainly does NOT.